Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Showcase Student Work with QR Codes

Now that Missouri weather has plummeted to the freezing mark I guess it's time to stop dreaming of magnificent blue oceans and cool summer nights.  Burr, it's winter in November and a great night to sip a caramel latte and create this long overdue post.

I have a new position within my district and am fortunate to work with fabulous teachers who should be writing this blog instead of me. Thankfully, teachers are life long learners because I'm learning so much from the amazing teachers in my building.

One of the main attractions at our school this year is our Wall of Fame.  During the first quarter our third grade team decided to create a Third Grade Wall of Fame. What is special about our wall? Each student has their own picture displayed on the wall with a personalized name plate. Attached to each picture is a QR code.  Visitors or students can use a QR reader on their smart device to watch presentations created by students.

The great news is we don't have to change the QR code every time we want to change the project displayed.  We were introduced to a company called at ISTE.  This site allows us to change the link on our QR codes without changing the QR code.  No more continual hot glue guns, rolling tape, or repairing fallen displays throughout the year. The Wall of Fame stays up all year and the display is changed by a simple click of a button. Woot! Woot! Students also received a copy to place on their "wall of fame" at home (refrigerator).

Students choose what they would like to showcase on their QR code.  They can be very creative when they know their work is going to be displayed for the world to see. If they decide they have something better, we simply change the link to their new project or video.

...and who wouldn't want to have their picture displayed on a Wall of Fame?

So as you sip your latte, warm by the fire, curl up on the sofa, or rehearse your "snow dance"...dig out a great idea and share it with us.

Melissa's Snow Dance definition -
1. A dance ALL educators participate in when a dusting of snow is predicted by the weather forecaster.
2. Snow dances will initiate a personal phone call from a school superintendent letting teachers know that we can sleep late.
3. If a teacher states they do not participate in a snow dance they are lying.