Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Holiday Read: 180 Days of Reading

Let me begin by saying, "Oh my word!" I can't wait to return to school and use this book.  During my Christmas get away I visited a favorite teacher store (Mardel) and picked up this book. You are going to love this resource, especially if you use Standards Based Grading.

180 Days of Reading for Third Grade By: Christine Dugan
Shell Education 
There is a separate edition for kindergarten through 6th grade.

This book provides standards based practice through daily lessons and would be great to use for formative assessments. Each weekly lesson includes 5 short daily lessons.  Each daily lesson includes a small text reading and questions. Days 1-4 has a text reading with questions and day 5 practice includes writing. It reminds me of Daily Oral Language (DOL) that so many educators are familiar with.

Throughout the book the weekly questions focus on the same standards.

DAY 1-3 of each week
Questions 1 and 2 focus - read closely and determine what the text says
Question 3 focus - apply grade-level phonics and decoding
Questions 4 and 5 focus - vocabulary and assess point of view

Day 4 of each week
Questions 1 and 2 focus - comprehend text and assess point of view
Question 3 focus - read closely and make inferences
Questions 4-6 focus - determine central idea or theme

Day 5 of each week
Focus - produce clear and coherent writing

I love how each day includes a scoring column for the students to complete which is also very valuable for teachers. A quick glance at a daily lesson will show which standards need more practice by looking at the score column.
Page 27 Excerpt

A data sheet and CD are also included with the book for tracking ongoing progress.  I can't wait for our students to read, highlight text, annotate their thinking, monitor their own learning, and master each standard. 

Happy reading and learning!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

1st Holiday Read: Using Technology to Improve Reading and Learning

Christmas season usually means a lot of traveling for my family. Since education runs in the family blood we usually try to get away for some R and R over Christmas break. I usually choose a professional book (or 2) to read during this time to pass the travel time, motivate myself and build excitement for the upcoming semester. I guess you would call it refueling. 

My first pick for the break is this easy read.

 I love the easy steps this book provides for educators to include more research within our curriculum (chapters 5 and 6). 

The book gives step-by-step instructions. ..

as well as examples of student work. I always love that!

If you have a "great read" to help us jump start our new year please share. 

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!