Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Headed to the Superbowl

Two Days and I’m headed to the Superbowl.  I can hardly wait.  Oops, let me explain.  I realize it is June. This Friday, 17 Webb City techies are taking flight to the Superbowl of all tech conferences.  Our team is headed to the International Society for Technology in Education Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Our Superbowl gear may not be war paint, crazy hats, and signs…but we are loaded with our laptops, iPads, Chrome books, and cell phones. What better gear can you have for the Superbowl of ed tech?

I’m beyond excited.  Last summer I followed the conference on Twitter and was dreaming about attending. This year it is becoming a reality (I hear the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” song playing…oh wait, wrong sport).  I’m pretty sure I’m more excited than a real Superbowl (sorry, football friends). Last year over 18,000 educators from around the globe attended the conference in San Antonio, with over 800 concurrent sessions.  You see it really is the Superbowl of ed tech.

Every time I read a blog about #iste14 I’m a little more excited.  Being a “newbie” to the conference I have tried to read as many blogs as possible and tried my best to prepare for what is going to take place during the 5 day event.

The count down...

Registration – check
Sessions and vendors favorited – check
District Preparation meeting – check
Airline confirmation – check
Room assignment – check
ISTE App downloaded – check
District Twitter hash tag (#wciste14)  – check
Business cards – check
Comfy shoes – check
Luggage ready (extra space to bring home souvenirs) – check

Why am I excited about attending such an event?

I’m ready to discover sources of inspiration and meditate on how to incorporate this knowledge into curriculum so our students become more engaged thinkers and creators.

I’m looking to be recharged and invigorated with new ideas presented by the experts.

I’m excited to connect with educators around the globe and soak up all of their creativity. 

I’m eager to collaborate with fellow teachers to create meaning and give life to educating our students.

When football fans go to a Superbowl they are filled with excitement.  They anticipate...having a great time with old and new friends, watching a fantastic game in hopes their favorite team will win the national championship, and returning home to celebrate their new experiences.  As we head to this Superbowl of conferences we are anticipating...collaborating with veteran and new teachers, watching and participating in amazing presentations, and returning home to share these experiences with other educators and students.

It’s going to be a great event!  Go #ISTE14

Stay tuned for Superbowl Pics headed your way.

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