Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Holy Jackpot, Batman! Rocketwave is Unbelievable!

We all have those friends that are truly in love with their planners, spiral notebooks, Post-it notes, highlighters and pens.  They show up to every meeting decked out with all the new fads.  I must admit, I love them too! I’m always the person sitting in the meeting with a laptop and secretly wishing I had the fancy pens and highlighters.

One of the big highlights of my year is when the school supplies appear in the local office supply stores.  I can’t wait to gather a stack of spiral notebooks and fancy pens and brag about the great deals I find. School begins, I begin using my favorite notebook and then switch to another...and another.  Before long I have multiple notebooks and have no idea where most of my notes are located.  Then I realize Google is the best thing since sliced bread. All my notes are in one place and neatly organized (almost).

Hold onto your hats!

Rocketwave just came out with a spiral notebook that allows you to upload your notes to your Google Drive, email, or other cloud destinations.  That’s not all.  Use those fancy colored frixion pens, fill up the notebook, and when you are finished you can erase the notebook and start again.  Just like magic!

Holy Jackpot, Batman!

Check out this video by Rocketwave…it's unbelievable!

If you love a spiral notebook, you have to check this out. I can have my colored pens, spiral notebook, and my techy Google. My Rocketbook arrived yesterday and I’m already in love.

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