Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mystery Hangout

We did it!  We completed our first Mystery Hangout.  View @MrsHuffs4th and our district Twitter Post for more details.  Today's blog post is from a guest blogger in Mrs. Huff's 4th grade.

Mrs. Huff’s Mystery Hangout
By: Connor

    Mrs. Huff's 4th grade class had a mystery hangout with another class in Essex Junction, Vermont.  A hangout is where two classes talk to each other on the Internet.  It is like Facetime or Skype.  One day Mrs. Huff decided that it would be fun to have a mystery hangout with another class room and sent out a twitter post to some teachers.  A couple of them accepted and thought it would be educational for their class.  They were right!  The students in Mrs. Huff's class loved the idea.  
    During the hangout Mrs. Huff's class asked about 7 questions until they got the state right.  Some of the questions asked were: Are you in the United States? Are you east of the Mississippi River? Does your state border Canada?  
 One of the groups in Mrs. Huff's class researched on mapquest and learned that it would take 23 hours and 37 minutes to drive to Essex Junction, Vermont. They also learned that it would cost about $294.64 to get there and back.
    These are a few comments from Mrs. Huff's class:
Bailey- "I think the hangout was really fun because we got to learn new things."
Alex- "I liked that we actually got to speak to them and see them from a long distance."
Isaac- "I liked how we could communicate with someone from a different state."

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