Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's NOT All About Tech

Stepping into the world of 1:1 iPads this year has stretched me as a teacher. My goal has been to energize and innovate my classroom without sacrificing curriculum and standards. I began the journey thinking, "What apps can students use to help them learn?" Very quickly I discovered it's not about the apps or's about the LEARNING and instruction. I can be a top notch techie but it doesn't really matter if my students aren't learning.

If it's not about iPad apps then where do you start? I started at the kitchen table. "What?" My favorite place to brainstorm and generate ideas is seated at my kitchen table. Before the school year started I gathered at my table with my laptop, iPad, highlighters, post it notes, district curriculum guide, standard reports, and resource books. Mission Learning had begun.

Question to Self:
What units and standards are taught during the quarter?

Action Plan:
  1. Identify objectives and standards taught during each unit.
  2. Review district summative assessments for the quarter.  
Question to Self:
What technology resources (if any) will help my students learn the material?

Action Plan:
  1. Review the lesson activities
  2. Review resource books, blogs, Pinterest
  3. Create a list of possible apps, sites, video, images, or links that will help students learn concepts more effectively.
Question(s) to Self:
  • What is the best way for me to know if my students understand what is being taught? 
  • What formative assessments will I use?
Action Plan:
  1. Identify resources that will best assess the skills.
  2. Review summative assessment again.
  • Students use Today's Meet to ask questions about the text.
  • Teachers use Google form checklist to document mastery while circulating classroom.
  • Online quiz/test created by teacher using Google Forms, Nearpod, Edmodo, or Schoology.
  • Twitter, Answer Garden, Padlet
  • White boards (My students use the Kids Doodle app as a white board on their iPad and love it.)
Questions to Self:
  • What activities are best to teach/assess the objectives and standards? 
  • What technology or traditional resources will be best to use during instruction?
Action Plan:
  1. Review brainstorming list. 
  2. Finalize what resources and activities would best meet the needs of students and teach the objective/standard.
Step 5
Have fun instructing and watching students learn.

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  1. Love this plan you laid out-- we always need to have insight on how teachers go to 1 to 1 and I think your method was GREAT!!!