Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project Based Learning on Halloween

Halloween has never been my favorite day of the year. The students are usually on a "presugar" high. It can be like taking a visit to crazy town.  

This year I decided Halloween was going to be filled with learning and fun. So my Halloween dilemma became a Halloween it is...

Halloween Assignment:

Mrs. Huff is going to dress up like one of the Duck Dynasty guys for Halloween. She only has a camo shirt and needs your help to finish her Duck Dynasty costume.  Mrs. Huff will be Phil (the guy with the sunglasses, headband, and grayish black beard)  but she has one HUGE problem.  She doesn’t have a beard and a headband.  


1. Choose a partner. Use the supplies on the back table to design a beard and a headband for Mrs. Huff (please make sure it will fit).

2. Write a paragraph to the class trying to convince them why Mrs. Huff should wear the costume your team created.  (Use a 5 block to organize your paragraph.)

3.  After your paragraph is approved please take a picture of Mrs. Huff wearing the beard and headband you created.  Insert the picture into educreations and record your paragraph.

4. When you are finished, watch your video quietly at your desk.  

5. The class will vote on the winning costume and educreations presentation.

6. The team with the best beard, headband, and educreations presentation will get to see Mrs. Huff wear the costume they designed during today’s Halloween parade.

Hint:  This is a lot to do in a short amount of time.  Don’t be tricked this Halloween...get busy quickly and quietly with a partner.

Any team that is not following the Cardinal Code will be sent back to their seat to work quietly and will not participate in the project.

My students were so excited. Students were measuring, writing, laughing, and having so much fun. I was absolutely amazed.

One of my students is usually not very thrilled to write but was so excited to do this project that he wouldn't hardly slow down to let his partner keep up with his writing.


Here is another one!

(Reminder: The students only had an hour for this entire project.)

This is our winning designer team and the winning costume!

PS. This project was so easy. I created it in Google Drive, shared it with my students, told them to open their drive, and said Go! How easy is that?

I'll never buy another Halloween costume! This was the best Halloween I've ever had.

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