Sunday, November 17, 2013

Water Cycle Project

We recently completed a water cycle project.  The students had a blast and I enjoyed witnessing (and facilitating) all the learning.

The Project:
  1. Read 2 nonfiction books about the water cycle.  
  2. Create a popplet (using the Popplet App) with information from 2 nonfiction books about the water cycle.  Choose 2 books on your appropriate reading level.  Include in each popplet the title, author, and two "I wonder" statements from the books. (We've been working on asking ourselves questions about nonfiction text.) 
  3. Identify 5 text features you used to gather information from your nonfiction books.
  4. Create a Water Cycle diagram.
  5. Create an iMovie about the weather cycle and upload it to YouTube.
The posters turned out fantastic!

Logan did a great job on his iMovie.

Here is the QR code for Logan's iMovie.
ViewPure is a security blanket for me.  I do not want my students clicking on other links from YouTube.  Creating a safe QR code is sooooo easy. Open, paste the YouTube link in the space indicated, and click create.  Your video will appear with a new url. Open, click website url button, copy new url created at ViewPure into the blank indicated, and click download. It is truly this easy!

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